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Our Story

Jennife Cote, Owner, Phantom Photo Booths

Hello, I'm Jennifer!

Danie Cote, Owner of Phantom Photo Booths

Hello, I'm Daniel!

Our story begins like so many of you who have found us.

We had a dream. A plan. Our wedding.

Jennifer, my lovely wife & business partner - with a natural hand in art and decor helped bring to life the vision she created for our perfect wedding.

We had done the research, made the lists, scheduled the phone calls and the meetings - but we still couldn't find one thing. 

Yep! You guessed it, a quality photo booth service.

Because seriously, every event needs a photo booth!


The solution? We built a business.

& the rest is history

You know, it's not everyday you'll find a business in this industry that can say their very first event was their very own wedding.

Well, we can - and we are immensely proud of that fact!

My name is Daniel, and I have a background in mechanical drafting, design, and your all around electronics nerd, snob, enthusiast. Jennifer has a background in graphic communications, art history, accounting, and is your every day crafting goddess.

Together we have over 30 years of customer service excellence, a whole lot of common sense & a desire to provide a service we couldn't find for our special day.

Our family business, Phantom Photo Booths was born out of our love and commitment to provide our families and friends with a form of entertainment that was seriously lacking in the industry. 

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